Why Lease?

We offer brand new drill rigs without having to purchase the asset.
Elevate your project to the next level with the RIGHT DRILL RIGHT NOW.

Optimise Performance

Improved Utilisation: Maximise productivity and minimise downtime with Lease Drill's tailored approach and advanced solutions.

Improved Availability: Access the right equipment promptly with Lease Drill's diverse fleet and efficient logistics.

Job-Specific Equipment: Get drill rigs tailored to your project's unique requirements, techniques, and environmental considerations.

Timing-Specific Equipment: Align equipment delivery with your project schedule for optimal availability.

Additional Information: Count on Lease Drill's comprehensive support, maintenance, and expert guidance to optimise your drilling operations.

Dynamic Solutions

Flexible Terms: Tailor lease duration and terms to align with your project timelines and budget.

Flexible Leasing: Scale your fleet up or down based on changing requirements for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Variety of End-of-Lease Options: Choose from multiple options at the end of the lease term to support your business goals.

Seamless Fleet Integration: Easily integrate Lease Drill's drill rigs into your existing fleet for efficient operations.

Choose Lease Drill for dynamic solutions that offer flexibility, a variety of end-of-lease choices, and a diverse fleet to suit your requirements.

Unmatched Confidence

Newest Equipment on the Market: Access the latest and most advanced drilling equipment.

Hassle-Free Performance and Factory Warranty: Enjoy optimal performance and peace of mind with brand new drill rigs and a factory warranty.

Choose Lease Drill for unmatched confidence in equipment performance and reliability.

Financial Advantage

No Capital Expenditure Required: Access drilling equipment without tying up your capital.

Improved Planning Efficiencies: Better budgeting and resource allocation with fixed lease costs.

Tax Deductible: Unlock potential savings and optimize financial benefits through tax deductions.

Fixed Pricing and Budget Accuracy: Maintain control over your budget with fixed pricing and predictable expenses.

Tailored Innovation

Technology Solutions to Your Applications: Receive tailored technology solutions for your specific drilling applications.

Data Collection and Analysis: Gain valuable insights from efficient data collection and analysis.

Real-Time Feedback: Monitor key metrics and make necessary adjustments in real-time for enhanced productivity.

Latest Technology and Automation: Access state-of-the-art technology and automation features for seamless drilling.

Expert Support

Access to Technical Services and Expert Advice: Benefit from comprehensive support, technical services, and guidance throughout your leasing journey.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Leverage Lease Drill's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for effective drilling solutions.

Choose Lease Drill for optimised performance, dynamic solutions, unmatched confidence, financial advantage, tailored innovation, and expert support.

Lease Drill

We offer brand new drill rigs without having to purchase the asset. 
Elevate your project to the next level with the RIGHT DRILL RIGHT NOW